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Launching on

January 4th, 2019

A date to remember

00:00 HRS, Midnight


Edmonton, Canada


From the legal team of Dr. Dominic F Dixon,

representing from the US, Canada, Vienna, Geneva and India

Over the last few years, three criminals, namely, Michael Prabhu, Sunil Francis Lobo and Bruce Phillipowsky have been maligning the name our client, Dr. Dominic F Dixon with false and fabricated information. Cases have been filed in various jurisdictions and the appropriate actions have been taken, with two arrests. We are in the process of investigating connivance by other sources.

Those found culpable of circulating such misinformation will be prosecuted for hurting religious sentiments, defamation of character and communal disharmony 

REBUTTALS to false allegations 

The United Nations terms Bruce Phillipowsky, Michael Prabhu & Sunil Franics Lobo, as criminals for fabricating fake information against our client

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At the United Nations Head Quarters in Vienna and Geneva, for the Human Rights Council

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