BRIEF: DR. DOMINIC F DIXON: "As a spiritual philosopher and a disciple of Jesus Christ, my only aim is to alleviate poverty and suffering in this broken world. All else that I do is peripheral."

Having a calling to reach the broken-hearted and counsel officials at high-offices, Dr. Dixon is the Executive Director of UNADAP, with over fifteen years of international experience in Social Justice, international law, Humanitarian & Diplomatic Practice. Expertise in Advocacy & external relations, with activism in governmental advisory for foreign and public policy; in sectors of the United Nations, International Organizations & Civil Society Organizations. Dr Dixon was a Director with CIFAL (UNITAR), stationed at the UN offices in Vienna & Geneva.

Exceptional written and oral communication skills; with proficiency in the drafting of resolutions, organizational constitutions, reporting, case studies and research. Interviewed in over 36 countries for advocacy on matters of justice & peace in national and international law.

The titles associated with most of Dr Dixon's positions are not paralleled in monitory or materialistic compensation, but in positions of influence to bring healing to a hurting world; especially to orphans, widows and to victims of communal and political conflict. International communities and the media have recognized his advocacy and publications, globally.  <<<READ MORE>>>

KLEPTOCRACY - Exploitation of Nations

This research paper is the manifestation of Dr Dixon's programme in Diplomatic Practice at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Austria and in Economic Diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland.

This paper is aimed at drawing attention to anti-corruption activists and advocacies against corruption; and to postulate an international perspective of the innumerable forms of modus operandi envisaged by Kleptocrats. Research and cases studies have been derived from dozens of publications, interviewing of bureaucrats and diplomats, political ministers and investigative journalists.

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Dr. Dominic Dixon has been widely interviewed in over 36 countries & over 100 Provinces by CNN, Headlines Today, US Politics, Agence France Presse, Khaleej Times Dubai, Times Now, NDTV, Yahoo, India Today, Taipei Times, Deccan Chronicle, Deccan Herald, Family Mantra, Charis Times, Times of India, Saudi, News 9, News X and dozens of other news medias. <<<MORE>>>

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