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Present Responsibilities:

Executive Director, UNADAP/ IDA/ MORE

Present Responsibilities: UNOV, UNOG & UNHQ Accreditation

Former R&D Director with (CIFAL-B) UNITAR, Vienna & Geneva

Expertise: Climate & Renewal Energy Advisory to Governments

UN Geopolitical Foreign & Public Policy | Advisory to Fortune 100 Corporations & NGOs | Academia, International Law & Justice | Abraham Accord Advisory

Professional bio crafted and endorsed by the esteemed Office of the Board of Governors, led by H.E. Havier Hernandes.


Dr. Dominic F Dixon is distinguished as a World-Leading Foreign Policy, Climate Change and Renewable Energy Authority, with an unparalleled legacy of 15 years in the vanguard of international transformation. Revered for his dynamic relationships with the United Nations, Governments, the Oil and Natural Gas industry, Corporates and an array of influential CSOs; he has consistently harnessed expertise to deliver paradigm-shifting solutions at the confluence of sustainability, policy innovation, and global synergy. His advisory role extends to esteemed CSOs and charitable entities, aligning their strategies with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for monumental impact.


Elevating his global eminence, Dr. Dixon has been entrusted with advisory and pivotal decision-making roles within Climate and Sustainability practice, interfacing with luminaries such as heads of states, Prime Ministers of India and the United Kingdom, France, the European Commission, and top-tier Oil and Gas corporations. His strategic counsel has led to game-changing initiatives to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, enhance carbon capture and utilisation, and champion circular economies, all while adhering to UNFCCC guidelines for transparency and reporting. His multifaceted acumen extends to diverse domains including compliance of biodiversity preservation, sustainable agriculture, decarbonisation, transition financing, and water management.


Dr. Dixon’s standing as a trailblazing authority is fortified by his accreditation under UNECOSOC & UNFCCC, coupled with his esteemed membership in the Crime Alliance under the UNODC. A defining accomplishment within his journey was his role as the former Director of Research and Development at UNITAR's Cifal-B, where he played a pivotal role in conceptualising groundbreaking policies and establishing critical compliances.


His prowess in advocacy, international diplomacy, and strategic guidance spans the UN, International Organisations, Aviation, and Civil Society. His expertise, underscored by proficient communication skills, is manifest through his creation of seminal works including nine authored books. His illustrious academic journey encompasses Core Diplomatic Practice under the United Nations in Vienna & Geneva, an MBA, Justice at Harvard, Ethics at Oxford, International Law at UCL and a doctorate in Psychology. His resolute commitment to justice and peace has been exemplified by interviews spanning thirty-six countries, delegation to over forty countries, amplifying the significance of national, international, and humanitarian law, and the UN SDGs.


Presently based in New York, Dr. Dixon's enduring influence continues to catalyse global progress, most notably through his instrumental role in shaping Middle-East peace treaties via the epochal Abraham Accords.


  • Honoured by Pope Francis with an official citation for my authorship on Ethics.

  • Worldwide recognition for authoring a research paper titled ‘Kleptocracy – Exploitation ofNations”, uncovering billions of dollars of embezzlement by world leaders and bureaucracies.

  • National Focal Point at COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland, with heads of states, negotiating Global Methane Pledge, which aims to reduce methane emissions by at least 30 per cent below 2020 levels by 2030.

  • Focal Point at the UN Human Rights Council in at the UN office in Geneva, of the matters of COVID-19 and anti-corruption.

  • Focal Point at the MENACW (Middle East & North Africa Climate Week) in Dubai.

  • Interviewed in over 36 countries & over 100 Provinces for Advocacy

  • Foreign policy and advocacy delegate to twenty-five countries


  • Climate Change & Renewal Energy

  • Advisory to Heads of States

  • Foreign Policy Advisory

  • Advisory for Oil & Gas policy

  • Advisory to NGOs for UNSDGs

  • United Nations and Inter-governmental relations/ negotiations

  • Public, Press, Political & International Relations

  • Advocacy for trade and exchange programs

  • Expertise in strategising and implementing UNSDGs and Corporate Social Responsibilities


  • Paper to President Barack Obama on Pro-Life

  • Research to the Government of India (Pornography & its devastating consequences of the Youth & Women in the nation of India)

  • Research to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (Youth behavioural)

  • Research to President Prathibha Patil (Adolescent Sociology & Psychology)

  • Research to Governor of Karnataka, Hans Raj Bharwdwaj

  • Research to Governor of Tamilnadu, Dr. K. Rosaiah

  • Research to Chief Minister of Karnataka, BS Yeddurappa

  • Presentation to Cyber Crime, Interpol on legal processes

  • Research on the Juvenile Justice System in Bangalore


  • KLEPTOCRACY, paper to the United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG)

  • Author of seven books, 5 on youth in conflict

  • Paper on Communal harmony and understanding of ideologies

  • Authored textbooks on Psychology & Emotions

  • Author of six Audio volumes on Holistic Counselling

  • Research to University of Oxford, Utilitarianism & Human Rights

  • Research to University of Oxford, Moral Absolutisms


Australia, UAE, Canada, France, Qatar, United States, Switzerland, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Israel, Thailand, Austria, Muscat, Palestine, Kuwait, Lebanon, India, Egypt, Jordan, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain.


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